Inline Drip Irrigation Systems :

Bangaru is instrumental in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Inline Drip Irrigation System. These systems comprise a network of tubes and pipes, through which exact amount of water and nutrients can be supplied as a feed to the roots of plant. The farmers can easily control the input of resources and can lessen their cost of production by using these systems.


  • * Bangaru Dripper Manufactured from virgin plastic for stable performance.
  • * Turbulent flow path with wide cross sectional area make the dripperclog resistance.
  • * No effect U V radiations.
  • * No environmental effects.
  • * Excellent characteristics of LLDPE provide durable tubing with close dimensional tolerances.
  • * Available in 2 LPH, 4 LPH.
  • * With NPC/PC Dripper as per the crop requirement & Land Condition.


Recomended for fruit crops like Grapes,Pomegranate, Ber, Mango, Sapota, Guava, Anjeer, Amla, Banana, Jambhul,Cluster apple and other. For close spacing crops like Sugarcane cotton, various types of vegetables and medicinal plants.