Online Drip Irrigation Systems :

Bangaru drip irrigation systems are made using best quality raw materials ensuring their high durability, rust resistant quality and optimum performance. Our quality controllers conduct numerous quality checks on these products ensuring best range is delivered in the market.


  • * Bangaru Dripper Manufactured from virgin plastic for stable performance.
  • * Openable dripper easy to clean.
  • * No effect U V radiations.
  • * No environmental effects.
  • * Available in 4 LPH, 8 LPH, 14LPH.


  • *Fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized due to localized application and reduced leaching.
  • * Moisture within the root zone can be maintained at field capacity.
  • * Water application efficiency is high if managed correctly
  • * Field levelling is not necessary.
  • * Soil type plays less important role in frequency of irrigation. Soil erosion is lessened.
  • * Labour cost is less than other irrigation methods.
  • * Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease.
  • * Usually operated at lower pressure than other types of pressurised irrigation, reducing energy costs.


    Recomended for fruit crops like Grapes,Pomegranate, Ber, Mango, Sapota, Guava, Anjeer, Amla, Banana, Jambhul,Cluster apple and other. For close spacing crops like Sugarcane cotton, various types of vegetables and medicinal plants.